Together we can power our community

More solar is happening...

We're underway with a set of community engaged projects in Fridley, MN this spring.  More information will be coming soon as we capture the benefits of solar in a way that's going to improve affordability, overcome barriers for low to moderate income residents, and enhance the financial and environmental sustainability of an entire community.

Stay tuned and we build more opportunities like those mentioned below.👇

Our mission is to help power your vision.

Solar By Us works with a select and limited group of clients - community focused businesses and nonprofits - to create exceptionally high-value clean energy projects.

We worked closely with The Lift Garage from our initial proposal through energization, and will continue to monitor and support this project for the next decade.  The result - no upfront cost, full monitoring and upkeep support, and $10,000s shifted from utility bills to supporting their clients.

We use clean energy to drive community value.

Through attention to detail and unrivaled ingenuity, our project on a low-income rental property provided a portion of the savings directly to the tenants, along with more benefits and savings through energy efficiency upgrades and quality of living improvements.  Improving affordable housing through clean energy is a big win!

Solar By Us finds the right solution for each project to meet the needs of the client and drive the most value to all folks involved.

Let's engage, educate, and empower.

Whether just adding solar or aiming for net zero (or beyond), Solar By Us is ready to help you reach your goals.

Oak Grove Presbyterian's green committee was already a leader and educator in their community.  Working hand-in-hand with them, we found the right solar solution - a combination of on-site solar and community solar subscriptions.  And then we went the extra mile to assist with a variety of additional efforts, including; LED lighting, high efficiency HVAC, and electric vehicle charging.

If we can go the extra mile for your organization, email us at